Meet Jerry

Jerry and Taz

*Member of the Inaugural Parelli Faculty
*Lead Instructor/Liberty and Horse Behavior Course
*Intensive Horsemanship/Instructor Training from Linda and Pat Parelli
*3-Star Licensed Instructor
*Parelli School and University Graduate
*Master Instructor Program Student
*Graduate of Tony Robbins’ Mastery University
*15 Years University Communication Instructor Experience


A popular clinician, coach and teacher, Jerry brings his gentle, easy manner to every teaching opportunity, instilling confidence in both horses and riders. He is a master of giving each student the “why” behind the “how” using discussion, simulations, task teaching and hands on practical applications.

A member of the Inaugural Parelli Faculty and Lead Instructor for the popular Liberty & Horse Behavior course he is a sought after speaker and presenter in the area of Horse Behavior and Horsenalities. As the founder of The Jingle™, an online group coaching program Jerry is on the cutting edge of providing instruction, coaching and community through the virtual world.

Jerry’s passion is creating and facilitating transformational learning experiences for his students. He is a graduate of Tony Robbins’ Mastery University and continues his personal development study in Robbins Leadership Academy.

As a former University Communications Instructor Jerry brings a wealth of wisdom about interpersonal communication and relationships to his teaching. He now spends his time traveling all over the world coaching students in their horsemanship journey and mindset.