Fast Track Prep 2

Welcome to your Parelli Fast Track Prep Course!

For the 4 weeks prior to your course I will be your coach in this process of preparation and I will work together with you to help you define your goals and expectations, acquire the necessary skills, understand the principles you need to commit to, develop a positive and progressive mindset, and learn to use your time wisely.

This page will be where you can access all of the Fast Track Prep Calls to either review or listen in if you missed a call. Be sure to BOOKMARK THIS PAGE because it won’t be listed on any of the menus. You will receive another email reminder of all of this a week before your first call.

You will be receiving your first worksheet shortly if you have not already received it. The remainder will be sent via email to you 2-4 days before each call. I ask that you consider the questions on the worksheet and take time to think through your answers. The calls will focus on the concepts and questions talked about in each worksheet and I will also have a Q&A session on each call to answer any additional questions you might have.

Once the calls start this prep course will move FAST just like your course on campus will do…MOVE FAST! So hold on to your hats and get ready to ROCK!
Call Dates/Times ~ Calls will last 60-90 minutes each
(July 21 8pm EST, July 29 8pm EST, Aug 6 8pm EST, Aug 15 8pm EST)

At the designated time you will call the following number and be asked to enter a conference code number.

Dial-In: 1-218-862-7200
Conference Code: 869240

I look forward to being part of your horsemanship journey and hope to meet you when you get to Pagosa!



Fast Track Prep Call #1 ~ July 21, 2013