Turn your Knowledge into Action

Exercises and Execution Plan

19 Simple Exercises to develop your leadership skills.

The Companion Guide to “3 Leadership Secrets all Alpha Mares Know”

This simple guide will provide you with quick strategies to "behave your way to success", allowing you to progress even while you learn.  Sometimes, after you understand the concept, all you need is a little practical information to get you started. This is not a thick detailed textbook but a quick guide to get you started right away.  Sometimes we get stuck because we have too little information and other times too much.  In the booklet I tried to strike a happy balance, so that you can get moving quickly and start to see results FAST!

When you "crack the code" of Alpha Mare Wisdom...

You will...

  • develop a deeper relationship with your horse
  • understand the "need" of the herd in such a way you will never look at leadership the same way again
  • learn the "keys" to behaving your way to success and leadership
  • bring a new level of confidence not only with your horses but with ALL horses
  • develop the tools and the mindset to really accomplish what you want to do with your horses

Alpha Mare Wisdom: Exercises and Execution Plan

This Execution Plan gives you:

  • Quick~ Each exercises can be quickly read and understood
  • Simple~ Each exercise is simple to perform
  • Affordable~ The Guide is only $7.95
  • Guaranteed~ If you don't like it, I will refund your money

Get your Guide today!

The Alpha Mare Wisdom: Exercises and Execution Plan

is available for only $7.95 and comes as a

downloadable pdf on your computer or mobile device

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RISK FREE…cause if you decide you do not like this plan…please let me know and I will gladly refund your money!

I hope you take advantage of this offer, so YOU can become the leader your horse needs you to be and the leader YOU always wanted to be.


P.S. Take action today. Even if you don't buy my guide "do something" that will cause your horse to look at you through new eyes. Because if you don't ACT today nothing will change for tomorrow. 

What others are saying about this guide...

I’ve known you now for -hmmmm- I think 8 years. I think this is arguably one of your best works. Brilliant! … Can’t wait until I am with my horses again and I can really give these things the energy they deserve.

Thank you so much!

Linda Richards

Just wanted to tell you how amazing your Leadership Plan is and what a huge insight it has given me with my dominant horse, Soda. Not being dominant myself, the leadership issue has been an interesting aspect of our relationship for twelve years. It needed resolution and you, being the very patient, observant, teacher you are, have given us a VERY HELPFUL tool.

Soda and I are VERY GRATEFUL! You are a wonderful teacher.

Jacque' Thaxton