MasterClass Characteristics of a Leader Topeka

Introducing the Horseman’s Jingle MasterClass


jerry015 - Version 2What is Jingle MasterClass?

In my over 23 years of teaching, both University Communication courses and Horsemanship Clinics and Courses, what I have observed and tested is that in every human endeavor our mindset has more to do with our success than our actual natural skill or talent.

The Jingle MasterClass is my new teaching format to help horsemanship students develop their mindset and emotional balance right alongside their horsemanship skills increasing their ability to problem solve, manage pitfalls and roadblocks and move forward at a steady pace.

Join me in a Jingle MasterClass and discover a new level of transformation in your horsemanship!


MasterClass Format

* 4 Pre-Clinic Video lessons and downloadable PlaySheets to start thinking through the concepts and get your juices flowing.

* 3 1/2-4 Day Clinic focusing on building and developing horsemanship skills

* 4 Post-Clinic Action Guides to facilitate implementation and integration of the concepts and skills learned.

 What You Will Learn

* The 5 Main Characteristics of True Leaders and how that relates to your horsemanship.

* The 3 Postures of Leadership and how to identify your inner and outer posture.

* What kind of LEADER your horse is looking for and how to show up as that leader.

* The balance of VARIETY and CONSISTENCY in your play sessions that gives you the most progress.

* How to PLAY TO WIN instead of NOT TO LOSE

* Advanced Goal Setting Solutions that keep you focused and fuel your passion

and much more…

Topeka, KS MasterClass May 1-4
Characteristics of a Leader

$520/Riders $250/Auditors

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Thursday May 1 6:30-8:30pmClassroom Lessons and exercises and PotLuck Dinner.
Friday-Sunday May 2-4 9:30-4:30 Classroom, Online, Freestyle and Liberty sessions.
Pre-Clinic Lessons start April 3 delivered to your inbox